About Us

About Us

The Prospectors Pick caters for all types of metal detecting, whether it is searching for jewellery on the beach or looking for the elusive gold nugget to retire with. The beach detectors are a much different unit than the dedicated gold prospecting metal detector. The beach detector will not work as good in the heavily mineralised ground that is very common in our goldfields.

Both detectors find all types of metal they just have different jobs. The cheaper range of GO-Find detectors start at $199.00 through to the exciting SDC 2300 at $4400.00. From there we go to the GPX 5000 all round gold machine for $4999.00 and then on to the best Gold Detector that is available across the world being the GPZ 7000 at a cost of $9499.00 If you are a serious gold prospector you will end up using one of these magnificent machines.

Points to ponder when buying your new metal detector.

Every Metal detector manufacturers whether it is a Whites, XP Deus, Bounty Hunter, Garrett, Teknectics or Fisher, among the huge range of metal detector manufacturers out there they all have one thing in common, they all claim that their detectors are the best gold detectors in the World.

They very well may be in their own boardrooms or advertising agency’s, but if you go out in the real world and have a look at what brand is being used to find the majority of gold by the majority of Prospectors, guess what you will find a Minelab. That’s right about 95% of prospectors will have a MINELAB. That is why we choose to market and sell currently the world’s best and most popular metal detector. We are not exclusively tied to MINELAB but we are Prospectors and we have a sound knowledge on what works really well. We are always looking for new products that work to sell in our shop so if there is an item that you want and we haven’t got it we will get it for you.

Unlike the majority of retail outlets we offer you a full service that shows you how to assemble the equipment you have just bought and we explain each step in its operation. We don’t just sell boxes. Some of you have bought a box with a detector and were ignored the instant you paid your money, we will help you thru the learning process but you may have to wait a little as we must show our customers first priority.

Now go and enjoy your detector and our fabulous outback outdoors and if possible bring us your fantastic stories of your exciting finds.

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