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Gold Monster 1000 $850.00 2nd Hand


Comes with:

1 x 5″ Double-D coil

1 x 10″ x 6″ Double-D coil


240v charger and car battery charger

Digging tool

Universal shaft adapter

Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Replaceable AA battery carrier

Warranty valid until July 2019

Small test nugget

Contact The Prospectors Pick 97914344 

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Gold Prospecting Tour 5 days and nights of Adventure

Purchase a new Gold Detector GPZ, GPZ, SDC or Gold Monster Between November and February to go into the draw to win 5 days and nights Prospecting with us.

The Prospectors Pick Gold Prospecting Tour

Minelab GP3000 $1200.00 ONO ring Dennis 0417 733 451

Minelab GP3000 comes with one coil DD coil 11″, Harness , 240 volt charger, 12 Volt charger, Headphones, battery and a bag.

The Prospector Harness

We are continually searching for new innovations and materials to fabricate our accessory range for metal detectors.

The latest development is for the Prospector Harness, we have made it more universal to fit all shapes and sizes of people who use them.

The latest modification allows the user to have the straps on the front or back of the harness. This vastly improves the fitment and comfort level of those who previously had difficulty in getting comfortable with the straps on the front of the harness. On our test crew, we have had a mixed reaction with some loving the new back mount straps and others staying with the original front straps. It is a very simple procedure to change the strap’s from front to back.