February Catch Up

Happy February Prospectors,


It’s been a busy month so far here at The Prospectors Pick. Due to the transport issues with stock being delayed over east, everything has arrived at once. We are now fully stocked up on sluices, miners moss, scoops, scales, panning kits and spare detector parts. We have plenty of stock of the new GPX6000’s which are flying out the door. We also have some GPZ7000’s, GPX5000, the SDC2300’s and the Gold Monster 1000. Minelab’s dedicated gold detectors are all in stock and ready for some detecting adventures.

But are you ready for the new season?

  • Have you checked your batteries can be fully charged?
  • Do you need a spare?
  • Do you need a new 12V or 240V charger?
  • Are your leads all connecting properly?
  • Are your headphones working?
  • Do you need new skid plates?
  • Is a new carry bag in the cards?
  • Are there any new coils you’ve heard about that might help find that elusive piece you are after?

Be sure to check them soon. A lot of people have been organizing themselves early, getting ready to be able to load up and head out.

If you ARE ready to go, for a bit of light reading, we have the latest Australian Gold, Gem & Treasure magazine in store. We also have January, December and November…if you need to catch up.


February’s Gold Gag

Q: What did the baby find at the end of the rainbow?
A: A Potty Gold.