The Easy Arm™ and Easy Swing™

The Easy Arm™ and Easy Swing™

Sweet Spot™ have released two brand new products that have been developed and manufactured by our team.

The Easy Arm™ and the Easy Swing™ can be used with Minelab and other quality metal detectors with ease and is sold exclusively from The Prospectors Pick™.

Easy Arm™     

The EASY ARM™ is what it suggests, a device that is spring loaded and takes a lot of weight off your arm and shoulder therefore allowing you more time out there looking for gold.

Easy Arm™ is another product developed by Sweet Spot™ for the use on hand held implements to make the job easier.

This can do away with the use of a harness allowing you to spend more time detecting by reducing fatigue.

The Easy Arm™ can be attached to GPX, GPZ & SDC detectors.

Its construction consists of a PVC cuff that is fitted to the back of your upper arm and a hinge that makes for easy attachment of the cuff and also allows for smooth and comfortable manoeuvring of your arm and detector. Other parts included (depending on your detector model) are an aluminium tube/plate and screws for attachment to detector.

Prices and fitting of the Easy Arm™ vary slightly depending on which model of detector you have. Detailed instructions and all the parts necessary for attaching the EASY ARM™ to your detector are included in the pack.



Easy Swing™

The Easy Swing™ is another innovative aid that was originally developed for the more serious prospector who is using bigger, heavier search coils on their detectors. The Easy Swing™ is now being used by a large cross section of prospectors who may be swinging bigger coils or the prospector who has shoulder or back problems.

Both the Easy Arm™ and the Easy Swing™ can be used on good quality metal detectors with ease. At the moment, the Prospectors Pick™ is the only detector shop stocking these products.

Welcome to The Prospectors Pick Store where you will find the Minelab Metal Detector range and all of the products that you need to go Prospecting or Fossicking on the beach.

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