The Prospector Harness Review

Product Review by APLA’s own roamin’ product tester!

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new harness that was amazing at handling the weight of the bigger coil. I expected little more than the “Pro Swing” but this was something else. Albeit, it’s an adaptation of a harness I’d seen years ago, invented by the late Chris Hake and his partner, my old mate Steve Charley. But this has gone up a gear. (excuse the pun).

It may resemble an “Instrument of Medieval Torture” but there are two seriously major advantages. The obvious one is that it really does make swinging “a 19 incher” a breeze. The slightly sprung stainless strapping takes the weight without intruding or pulling the harness off the shoulder. If you take a look at the next photo you’ll see that bungee cord is fastened in a different manner to the detector shaft. This set up is the secret. The initial prototypes used a softer steel and that caused the usual problem of pulling the harness from the shoulder after an hour or so. The makers now use a superior grade of stainless steel and it makes a huge difference. So that’s the weight problem sorted out. I used the harness over a workshop floor and it felt like I could use it all day. It’s solid and really does take the weight. But for people with lower back problems such as me, I noticed a hidden advantage that the maker hadn’t realised. Look at the waist strap and you’ll see it’s very wide, much wider than the harnesses we’ve seen so far. It has two front snap buckles and that white nylon adjuster plate. Those two features combined to gave my lumbar region so much extra support that it felt like my constant niggling backache that I learn to live with actually disappeared whilst I was swinging this huge detector/coil combination! It was a similar but superior effect to those back harnesses that Bunning people use when lifting heavy gear. It pushes the spine inwards slightly and that stops that human trait of stooping slightly forward. I could go to dinner at Buckingham Palace wearing one it felt so good!

As you can see the bungee cord is attached lower down the shaft and this alters the entire swing dynamics. The downside is that actually alters your swing in a subtle manner and can lead to a slight “upswing” on the side holding the detector. I found that slight adjustment of the shaft angle to the coil fixed that. With the sensitivity of the 7000 any slight upswing here can alter your ground balance just enough to cause that awful noise that comes from out of synch ground balance. But this applies to just about any harness and you need to concentrate on flattening that swing all the time.  The other issue is that I don’t think I’d like to fall backwards with it on! That plate looks awful hard. But theirs is a solution to that; just drink less beer or don’t detect walking backwards!

I didn’t ask about the price. However, I reckon it’s worth whatever they ask because it’s the best and most solid harness I’ve used in 35 years detecting.