The Prospector Harness

The Prospector Harness

This is another Sweet Spot product that has been made for prospectors by prospectors. The Prospector Harness was developed to assist people to use metal detectors more comfortably and in doing so, lessens the fatigue rate of the user and gives you more time detecting.

The manufacture of the canvas products has been designed to fit as many body shapes and sizes as possible so we can accommodate everyone with only two sizes, normal and smaller.

We first started with an assortment of colours but have settled on grey with pockets as a standard unit. You may have a colour of your own selection, however we would have to price separately. The waist belt straps are of a stretch fabric that maximises the comfort level.

The stainless steel over shoulder beam is 316 stainless and has been cut out using a high pressure water jet to alleviate annealing from using a heat source.

When fastening the belt, have it in a comfortable position that suits you, then you can adjust the strap length to suit. You can cross the belts over if you wish, this is to eliminate the buckles from pinching when bending to retrieve targets.

When adjusting the stainless beam, it should not pull down on your shoulder, loosen wing nut and adjust the height to suit.

The stainless beam should be bent to suit the curvature of your back and set from left or right to suit your requirements.

The straps that extend from the beam down to the harness belt can be used on the front or back of your body.

The harness belt has stainless eyelets to allow the fitment of an angled pick holder one side and a finds bag etc on the other. There is also an attachment point under the pvc adjustment plate for a chain.

You may also fit a battery bag on the back if you need by utilising the two lower nuts and bolts on the PVC adjustment plate.

Also supplied is an extra long bungy cord to fit on the detector shaft as close as possible to the coil. You will need to use the bungy cord clip and cuff that is supplied with your original detector.


Make sure the belt is quite firm and the PVC swing plate is central on you back.

Adjust the stainless beam as high as you can and have it pointing upwards before any bungy weight is attached.

Once you have adjusted it to your left or right hand orientation, lock the wing nut.

Fit the bungy attachment on the “D” clip and once you have sprung weight on the harness, then adjust your side restraints to suit.

1. Your harness will arrive fitted with the straps attached to the back of the harness as shown in diagram

2. To adjust the straps so they are fitted across the front of your body, simply remove the black plastic clasps and adjusters from the strap then slip the strap out of the metal ring.

3. Slip the strap back through the metal ring located on the front of the harness just above the
shoulder pad, then re-attach the plastic adjusters and clasps

Happy Prospecting!!