This is a new innovation in prospecting that has been in development by us at The Prospectors Pick in Bunbury for over 12 months. We purchased the concept from a fellow prospector, Gino Garbellini and we have advanced it to a versatile marketable product.

The principal of the harness is to reduce the carrying weight of the metal detector and to make it very comfortable to use. Anyone with a back or shoulder problem will understand better than most!

The construction of the harness starts with a very comfortable belt that is locally made from quality canvas and has two elastic belts to hold it firmly in place. An attachment plate that holds the stainless steel, over the shoulder support brace, is fastened to the belt and has two support straps to hold the brace from moving side to side. The shoulder support brace is adjustable from left hand to right, tall to short, and is adjusted with two wingnuts. On the deluxe model there are two utility pockets and “D” rings to attach other apparel that prospectors may need to carry. All fastening and eyelets are stainless steel for longevity.

With new metal detectors getting heavier and coils going the same way, we have to rethink our prospecting methods and techniques. This new Prospector Harness is a big start to that process.

I cannot emphasise the point enough that no matter what harness you use, you must fit it correctly and comfortably. This has to be done to eliminate premature fatigue.

The harness comes with an extended bungy cord that allows the bungy cuff to be fitted right at the bottom of the detector shaft, near the coil. This may not suit everyone but don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Prices range from $295.00 – $365.00 depending on the style